Antique Store Homes

So. I have about 4 weeks of blogging to do. I blame vacation and busy-ness. Either way, here is week 11 in pictures and not many words.

A Sunday drive to one of my favorite antique stores.



It is finally warm enough in my apartment to sit in the living room for an extended period of time...and by the window no less!

New sunglasses for vacation.

St. Patrick's day at The Rusty Dog watching James & The Drifters.

Our friend Dave at the show.

Went for a walk with Henry. Saw this feather and fell in love. I would love a feather tattoo.

Henry making weird faces at the sun on our walk.

Walking around the shops by the lake in Warsaw. The most interesting thing I saw that day was this...I want one.

More antiques. This time with my mom. I love this purse.

And these glasses...

My mom has been taking me to antique stores since I was little. Maybe this is why I feel at home as soon as I walk into one.

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