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About 3 months ago I started being responsible for the artwork at the coffee shop Andrew runs. About 3 weeks into it I stopped wanting to be responsible for it. Stuff like that is always really exciting but at some point I wonder why the hell I agreed to do it. But I always get over it. So anyhow, this is a picture of me finishing up mounting photos and hanging them...the more I get done, the more excited I am that it will look better than I ever expected.


Henry found the only square of sun on the floor and took full advantage of it. He looks nuts.


More work on the coffee shop art. It is coming along. Hot damn! I love photography, a lot.


It is about a once a week happening that Andrew and I have chips and guacamole for dinner. Sort of healthy, sort of not but I don't care. It is one of my favorite things that we do.


I was starting to feel mildly sick...after the various forms of vitamin c, I'm pretty sure I killed it.


One thing I've done while being unemployed is workout, without fail. I sometimes think I'm starting to hate it but then I decide to challenge myself and do something different and I'm pumped about it again. I took these while running stairs...and I've only fallen once.


I love Native American items. My mom bought me this and I hung it on my wall just to see what it looked like...and I love it. I'm starting to get worried I might end up being one of those crazy old bats that has a tiny dog and lots of Native American themed things around the house.

I spent a lot of this day at my parent's house because my sister and her family were in town. They have TV and cable, two things I don't possess so when I'm there, sometimes I get to watch awesome 227. I don't know anyone (other than my sister) that remembers this show.

My sister & family were home to go to a wedding. Here is Sam heading out the door...he looks so handsome.

My dad holding Sam before going to bed...I was teaching him how to wink.

Sam and I asleep on the couch.

I really love all my little nephews and my niece. They are the funniest people I know.

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