Salt & Pepper Jesus

Week 10.

Sunday was a big deal. My oldest sister Rachael came into full communion at Sts. Peter and Paul Church. That means 3/4 of my parent's children have converted to Catholicism. It makes me wonder what they think of it all. My brother was the first to make this change so I think he got the most negative of responses. Because of him, I think my parents were more accepting when I decided to convert. And now when Rachel did, there was nothing but full support. It is really nice to think about it all. I love that they raised us to be independent thinkers. I don't know if that is the best way to put it but that is what comes to mind first. Maybe one of the best things they did was to raise us as individuals that were accepting of different ways of thinking and different types of people.

That afternoon Andrew and I went to South Bend (his original home) to see his family since he was on spring break 2011. I had to put the year in there, it makes saying spring break inevitably funnier. This is Henry on the car ride...lately I've been calling him Shark Eyes.


We went out to breakfast with Andrew's family...I love this restaurant. Actually any place that loves breakfast food as much as I do is awesome. Also awesome that we got to see all of his family when we were there, that doesn't always happen.

And we got to see Max (Andrew's dog since he was 12). Max is an old guy and not doing so great. I can't keep typing about it, makes me too sad. Anyways, I'm happy we got to see him.

Oh yeah, and here is Henry in South Bend. Living like a little king.


One bonus to not having a job is being available to watch my nephews on really short notice. Kilian loves Henry. Henry does not always love Kilian. He smothers him and I'm surprised Henry isn't used to it by now because I smother him daily. Henry spends most of his time running away from Kilian.

That night Andrew and I went with our friend Dave to this dirty little bar down the street. We went there to eat because they have some really awful but really good food.

Wednesday was Ash Wednesday. I love living so close to Sts. Peter & Paul because I can just walk to mass. The mass was really always is but it was especially so on this night. Last year I gave up some stuff during Lent...this year I decided that I would do that but more importantly I wanted to add some things to my life. Good things like good habits.


More bagel making. This time with different toppings. I don't like the word toppings but I can't think of another word so there it is. And here they are:

And here is Henry & Andrew. They passed out on the kitchen floor because it took me so damn long to make those bagels.


Friday night Andrew & I went with our friends Kyle & Sharon to Mad Anthony Brewing Co. in Ft. Wayne. We haven't hung out with them in a small setting in a long time so it was awesome. I used to see them every day because we all used to work at the same place...Kyle got laid off the same day I did, which was awful but also good because I knew I had someone that understood and that I could talk to. If you ask Kyle, he will tell you that he is the reason that Andrew and I are dating...and he mostly is. He officially introduced us and shortly after invited us to go with him & Sharon to Mad Anthonys. We weren't dating then, but we knew we liked each other. I remember telling Kyle the following Monday at work that Andrew and I were "just friends, duh." I did; however, have my eye on Andrew and his beard before Kyle introduced us, but I suppose the credit should still go to Kyle (and to Andrew's beard). Thanks buddy:)

Saturday morning I went to my oldest nephew's Jr. High basketball game. I can't believe how old he looks lately. And he is almost as tall as me. He is so so much better at sports than I was when I played in Jr. High, so thank God for that. I still picture him as a little blond-haired binky-loving toddler that watched Veggie Tales way too much.

That afternoon Andrew & I drove to Ft. Wayne so he could study. This is how we are different...he likes to study in a public place with noise, I cannot. So he went to a coffee shop and I took off to go to antique stores. One time I labeled his car so he didn't forget that I liked him.

I absolutely love this antique store. There is so much to look at and it isn't a bunch of junk. I like whoever owns this store, I feel like we have a similar appeal to all things visual.

Some of the awesome items in the shop:

One thing about this store that makes me happy is the ridiculous amounts of salt & pepper shakers they have. There are categories for dogs, cats, squirrels, Native Americans, religious themes, etc. I love this collection because it reminds me of my grandmother Virgina. She had a pretty big collection of these when we were little and to a child, anything like that just seemed so awesome. It still is, I suppose.

I have to end this post with the most hilarious salt & pepper shaker in the entire shop:

Salt & Pepper shaker TV with Jesus. Oh my goodness. When you turn the nob on the TV, the salt and pepper shakers come up. Why didn't I buy this? It is clear to me now that I should have. Amen.

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  1. Haha I would definitely never say I'm the reason you're dating :) But I was glad to see you two meet and blossom.
    I'm glad I know the true beard. I mean true story. Beard.