The Taciturn In Me

I am so very happy it is Sunday night. Because this means I made it through last week. It is mostly a jumbled up mess of memories but I will still try.

Sunday sunrise in black and white.

I spent most of Sunday afternoon organizing the craft area in my bedroom. Henry can't stand it when I do things that make me walk around a lot. He just follows me around and sits on the nearest rug.
Here is Henry sitting.

Here is the finished craft area.

The picture is Chief Joseph; peace seeker. He is my favorite part.

Side table with more craft stuff.

Drawer full of ribbon that I will always want to organize but never will.

The whole area.

On my drive to teach yoga. I absolutely love these towers. I think they are just plain pretty. I'll never tire of taking pictures of them and I love being able to see them stretch across corn fields...on my Monday night drive to yoga, I get excited to see this line of towers. I swear they go all the way to Iowa.

Tuesday. I didn't feel like taking many pictures on this day. And I don't think it is a coincidence that my camera took this picture of nothing. I can hardly begin to describe what it feels like to be told that you no longer have a job. I absolutely prepared myself for this and could feel the swell of change coming months ago. I did not prepare myself for the heartache. I loved that place. I love my clients even more. I sat taciturn in an office while two people told me that in 10 minutes I would have to leave the place I spent nearly 7 years working. I still can't tell you much of what they said to me; I swear I only heard a buzzing in my ears so loud I thought my head would explode. I hated the looks on their faces. I hated not being able to say goodbye to anyone. It all hurt my feelings, a lot. And it continues to do so. I know it will be fine. I know I will find another job. I know it was time to move on. I know I'm ready to not be so damn sad about it.

Let me tell you this though. I have the best family, friends and boyfriend. I do not think it was a coincidence that I received an email that afternoon from one of my oldest friends. We had not talked in so long and reading her email was such a bright spot in the day. And then there is my friend Erica. We don't live close to one another anymore which is it's own we don't get to see and know each other like we used to. But something about Erica you should know is that when she knows I'm sad or that something/someone has hurt me, she is my biggest supporter. She will e-mail, text and call with a dedication that I have never returned to her. I took this picture late Tuesday night. I love these little glasses. Erica and I bought them as a set at an antique show and split them.

That night Andrew made me dinner and bought some wine. He put the wine in this little juice glass. There is part of me that has felt sad for him this week...I feel sad that he has to be around someone that for a few days had a hell of a time smiling. He still tried though. I am so very lucky I know him.

Wednesday felt worse than Tuesday. I realized I have had a job since I was 13. I think today I felt just how much self-worth I put into my job. This cannot happen again. I only took one picture on Wednesday and it was this:

Andrew took me out of my apartment and out of town to eat dinner. We went grocery shopping after and so I think that was when I took this picture; although I don't remember doing it. The angle makes me feel dizzy but I still think it is pretty.

Thursday's picture is a cheat. I didn't take it but my sister did. She sent me pictures of my nephew Sam that made me smile. Here is my favorite:


Last weekend I did a 3 day cleanse. I still can't believe I didn't have any coffee during that time. Instead I drank things like barley water and carrot-ginger-red pepper-spinach juice. I realized on Monday night (end of day 3) that I felt calm. I suppose looking back this cleanse was some good timing. Calm before the no-job storm. I realized that on Thursday I was still juicing my breakfast (carrot-orange-ginger is a dream) and drinking grass-like water and still just following a lot of the cleanse. I love it. I think it is absolutely worth trying. I got the cleanse idea (and a lot of other amazing health information) from the documentary Food Matters. Watch it and be prepared to never buy food in any sort of package again. Cheers.


Friday night's sunset. There are so many birds that hang out on this tree outside my living room windows. Their relentless chirping and that sunset reminded me that Spring is coming. Change is good and healthy. My heart might feel like I'm pumping lead but I still feel a lot of hope.

Saturday night was good. Andrew and his band played at at little bar in Ft. Wayne called Dash-In. The place is small and not really shaped properly for concerts. But the feeling of so many friends in one place listening to amazing music was very calming.

One of the guys played a song for me. He knows I love that song and I really do. It is a song that makes me want to run out of happiness. Here are 3 out of the 6 of the guys:

Week four is over. Thank you God. Keep Calm and Carry On.

Chief of Peace

I'm sitting on my bed with Henry asleep in a ball by my feet. Bear has Aretha Franklin playing on the record player and I can hear him snapping and dancing in the kitchen while he is making me peppermint tea. Life is pretty good right now. With all that said, here is week 3.

Sunday was lazy. I went to Ft. Wayne by myself. Sometimes I love doing that and mostly just end up looking at things in antique stores or craft stores or something. But I ended up at the mall. Then bought pair #4 of moccasins (tall thunderbird boots!). There are only 3 in the picture below because I can't find my blue ones...they are likely in the trunk of my car, leftover from summer. It's too damn cold to go get them, so here are 3 of 4. Take it or leave it. I'll take them. I shamelessly love them all.

On the my way home the sun was setting and it was looking like this:

I swear Monday morning's sunrise was just act 2 of Sunday night's sunset.

I had the worst time focusing at work. So I came home for two hours and got a lot done. It may have been this carrot juice I made for lunch. The color of carrot juice is rad.

Tuesday night at the coffee shop. Bear and two brothers. This picture makes me smile.


My mom gave me this. I don't remember why but I knew I had to take it to work and show one of my clients. I thought it would make her laugh a lot. And it did. That means Wednesday was a good day.

Andrew plays soccer every week. I hadn't watched him play in a long time so it was nice to go this week. A friend of ours joined his league and the 45 minute drive to and from the match was nothing short of great.

This week has been way too cold. Like take your breath away and make your lungs hurt cold. So cold my windows in my apartment had a little frost on them. Cold but pretty.

This is my sparrow tattoo. I haven't even had a year but I feel like I was born with it. I have sort of forgotten I had it since I'm wearing long sleeves these days. But Friday, I remembered I had it and here she is:

That little tree in the field is one of my favorites. It is by itself and changes so perfectly with the seasons. It also lets me know I'm almost to my parent's house. The sight of that tree is so comforting.

My nephew Kilian turned 5 this week. He loves all things outdoors and wild. Here is his party:

This is Kilian. He insisted this was the face he was going to make for every picture I took. It fits him.

This is the rocket tent I got him (I loved tents when I was kid):

Kilian and one of my other nephews, Drew. There was only enough room for about 15 toys and them.

This boy has been saying "I want cake" since he could talk.

Decorations for the wild man:

My newphew Sam hugging his dad. He is so loving:)

My niece Kate. She is such a little pretty and I swear she beeps when she talks.

Kate and Drew

Kilian after the party was over. He had Andrew and I take all this stuff up to his room, including his tent. He then put everything he could around his neck and tried the beef jerky he got as part of a survival kit gift. He asked if it was cooked and when I said yes he wrapped it back up, shoved it in his new hiking pack and said "That's good. I'm saving that."

What a peaceful week.
"Can't help but smilin'"-D. Banhart

Coconut, Coffee, Crochet and Friends

Week two in pictures and some words.


I spent Sunday evening trying to perfect the coffee shop chalkboard. I stood on the counter tops of the shop writing and erasing and re-writing. This was my view from the counter tops; James and the Drifters rehearsing. I love their music...not just because my guy plays bass and banjo in the band but also because it's a group of six of the nicest gentlemen you will ever find.


I bought this beading kit from a garage sale this summer. I paid 25 cents for the thing. I was home sick from work on Monday and out of boredom I got the kit out and started cleaning the rust off of the beadloom. It didn't last long, the sick took over and I ended up back in bed. I am excited to try making one of these bracelets. That is if I can figure out the directions from 1960.


It snowed a lot of inches on Tuesday. It started in the morning and didn't end before I went to sleep. It was beautiful, even when my moccasins were covered in it.


I mentioned last week that I was going to learn to crochet. Here it is. The start of something. Either a scarf for me or a scarf for Henry. Not really, but maybe a blanket for me or a blanket for Henry. The best part about this is that people I work with helped teach me. I work with adults with disabilities and as adults not many people take the time to teach them new skills. Someone took the time and now there are a handful of my clients that are crocheting and knitting with a fury. As I was learning they were my biggest cheerleaders. Clapping and cheering and all when I got it right.


The leftover snow. Thursday was a sleepy day. Not many words are needed to describe those kinds of days.


Andrew and I spent Friday night with friends; Dave and Megan. We made some food and ate some coconut-almond ice cream (see mugs above). Normally the coconut alone would make me gag but it tasted amazing. So amazing, that the carton was empty by the end of the night. We followed the food and ice cream up with a game of Catchphrase and a lot of coffee.

Speaking of Andrew...t his is my Bear. I love this picture of him holding Henry (even though Henry looks like a scary little lion). I want to explain how great Andrew's hard to describe. I think I'll give it a try another time.


Something happened Saturday that hasn't in a really long time. I spent the day with 3 friends that I adore. We trekked around town and shopped a little. I found this tiny Ball jar for my craft table.

But the best part of this day was the talking and constant laughing. I miss living within feet of these friends.

This Is What


I have decided to document this year in pictures. I'm nervous about it. I'm nervous I won't actually do it...looking at my history, I quit every sport I ever played so it is fair to be concerned I could quit this too. But this isn't a sport. This is photos and words; two things that come natural to me...knowing which basket to shoot a ball at, does not. So this won't be quit. This will be at least one photo per day (sometimes more than)and once a week, I'll summarize with some words. These photos might get boring, might get loud, might get grateful, might get sad, might get craft-ridden, might get poemed. I'm excited about all 365+. I hope you are too.


These curtains. I couldn't have taken a more perfect photo on the first day of a new year. I hate these curtains but I love them too. I made them. First curtains I've ever made. First time I've sewed since my mom made my sister and I take sewing lessons in the basement of a sewing shop when we were in elementary school. Our teacher made us sew fake jean skirts and golf bags. Totally useless and also hilarious. We knew at the time it was funny but failed to see how awesome learning to sew really was. I have had "re-learn to sew" on my to do list for way too long. I finally asked my mom to help me. She heard a lot of cussing come out of my mouth and she remained calm the whole time. It all reminded me of when she would try to teach me math in elementary school. Frustrating as hell. But when I got it right, so much joy. More curtains are in my future.


Lack of curtains in my apartment make the late morning sunrises really beautiful lately.


I teach yoga every Monday night. It is about a 25 minute drive through mostly country to get there and I see the most amazing afternoon suns and sunsets. I love this drive.


Once a week I volunteer at a community coffee shop. On this night, friends came in to see my boyfriend and I. We drank tea (see above photo) and did lots of laughing.


Last winter I taught myself embroidery. This winter I had a kickball-sized mess of thread to sort out. So on this Wednesday night, I untangled the mess and used a piece of cardboard box to make these spools. I don't mind saying I like them. I like seeing these colors lined up together. Something about it makes my brain feel very calm.


This summer at work, we got boarded up into cubicles. Part of me loves it. If I don't have anything/anyone to look at, I get a lot of stuff done. To compensate for the decrease in human interaction, some of my co-workers took to decorating their cubicles big time. I did not. And because of that, they called my desk "the asylum." I decided they were sort of right. So I hung up these embroidered lyrics (Tallest Man On Earth) I did a while ago.


Wedding gift! I made this paper cut for my friends Matt and Allie. They got married in June. Late but worth it, I think.

I have started calling my dog (officially named Henry) Wigwam. This changes often. When I first thought of doing this blog, I knew I wanted to call it The Littlest Wigwam but I wasn't exactly sure why. I mean, I love Henry a lot and calling him Wigwam always makes me laugh so maybe that is why. But I don't think so. One of the best parts of this week was talking to one of my favorite people that I'm proud to call my friend. I don't get to talk to her enough and she is a bright spot in my life always. She confirmed my idea for the blog title and in doing so encouraged me to move forward with it all. Neither of us can remember her exact words but it was something about "a cozy nature home where hearts can grow huge." Of course! With all that said, the picture above is of a local shop where I found a toy wigwam. After friend and find, I decided the title stays.


I logged a lot of hours wondering around antique stores on Saturday. Sometimes I love going alone because I can look at absolutely everything. I almost bought this green machine but instead bought this record for $2:

I love Bill Cosby like no other.

I also went in search of a crochet needle and ended up here:

I'm soon going to learn to crochet. More about this on another week. Except one thing...I learned that walls of yarn do for my brain what embroidery spools do.

Week one of 2011 is done.(Hot rhyme!) I'm convinced this is the best is not hard to look back at my week and see I have so much to be grateful for. And I am.