This Is What


I have decided to document this year in pictures. I'm nervous about it. I'm nervous I won't actually do it...looking at my history, I quit every sport I ever played so it is fair to be concerned I could quit this too. But this isn't a sport. This is photos and words; two things that come natural to me...knowing which basket to shoot a ball at, does not. So this won't be quit. This will be at least one photo per day (sometimes more than)and once a week, I'll summarize with some words. These photos might get boring, might get loud, might get grateful, might get sad, might get craft-ridden, might get poemed. I'm excited about all 365+. I hope you are too.


These curtains. I couldn't have taken a more perfect photo on the first day of a new year. I hate these curtains but I love them too. I made them. First curtains I've ever made. First time I've sewed since my mom made my sister and I take sewing lessons in the basement of a sewing shop when we were in elementary school. Our teacher made us sew fake jean skirts and golf bags. Totally useless and also hilarious. We knew at the time it was funny but failed to see how awesome learning to sew really was. I have had "re-learn to sew" on my to do list for way too long. I finally asked my mom to help me. She heard a lot of cussing come out of my mouth and she remained calm the whole time. It all reminded me of when she would try to teach me math in elementary school. Frustrating as hell. But when I got it right, so much joy. More curtains are in my future.


Lack of curtains in my apartment make the late morning sunrises really beautiful lately.


I teach yoga every Monday night. It is about a 25 minute drive through mostly country to get there and I see the most amazing afternoon suns and sunsets. I love this drive.


Once a week I volunteer at a community coffee shop. On this night, friends came in to see my boyfriend and I. We drank tea (see above photo) and did lots of laughing.


Last winter I taught myself embroidery. This winter I had a kickball-sized mess of thread to sort out. So on this Wednesday night, I untangled the mess and used a piece of cardboard box to make these spools. I don't mind saying I like them. I like seeing these colors lined up together. Something about it makes my brain feel very calm.


This summer at work, we got boarded up into cubicles. Part of me loves it. If I don't have anything/anyone to look at, I get a lot of stuff done. To compensate for the decrease in human interaction, some of my co-workers took to decorating their cubicles big time. I did not. And because of that, they called my desk "the asylum." I decided they were sort of right. So I hung up these embroidered lyrics (Tallest Man On Earth) I did a while ago.


Wedding gift! I made this paper cut for my friends Matt and Allie. They got married in June. Late but worth it, I think.

I have started calling my dog (officially named Henry) Wigwam. This changes often. When I first thought of doing this blog, I knew I wanted to call it The Littlest Wigwam but I wasn't exactly sure why. I mean, I love Henry a lot and calling him Wigwam always makes me laugh so maybe that is why. But I don't think so. One of the best parts of this week was talking to one of my favorite people that I'm proud to call my friend. I don't get to talk to her enough and she is a bright spot in my life always. She confirmed my idea for the blog title and in doing so encouraged me to move forward with it all. Neither of us can remember her exact words but it was something about "a cozy nature home where hearts can grow huge." Of course! With all that said, the picture above is of a local shop where I found a toy wigwam. After friend and find, I decided the title stays.


I logged a lot of hours wondering around antique stores on Saturday. Sometimes I love going alone because I can look at absolutely everything. I almost bought this green machine but instead bought this record for $2:

I love Bill Cosby like no other.

I also went in search of a crochet needle and ended up here:

I'm soon going to learn to crochet. More about this on another week. Except one thing...I learned that walls of yarn do for my brain what embroidery spools do.

Week one of 2011 is done.(Hot rhyme!) I'm convinced this is the best is not hard to look back at my week and see I have so much to be grateful for. And I am.


  1. Kudos on the curtains! I got a sewing machine for Christmas so I desperately need to learn how to makes use of the damned thing. I'll eventually get around to learning to crochet. I can barely knit. Sheesh.

  2. I can teach you how to crochet

  3. I look forward to the weeks to come! I enjoy your photos... you have a good eye!!