Coconut, Coffee, Crochet and Friends

Week two in pictures and some words.


I spent Sunday evening trying to perfect the coffee shop chalkboard. I stood on the counter tops of the shop writing and erasing and re-writing. This was my view from the counter tops; James and the Drifters rehearsing. I love their music...not just because my guy plays bass and banjo in the band but also because it's a group of six of the nicest gentlemen you will ever find.


I bought this beading kit from a garage sale this summer. I paid 25 cents for the thing. I was home sick from work on Monday and out of boredom I got the kit out and started cleaning the rust off of the beadloom. It didn't last long, the sick took over and I ended up back in bed. I am excited to try making one of these bracelets. That is if I can figure out the directions from 1960.


It snowed a lot of inches on Tuesday. It started in the morning and didn't end before I went to sleep. It was beautiful, even when my moccasins were covered in it.


I mentioned last week that I was going to learn to crochet. Here it is. The start of something. Either a scarf for me or a scarf for Henry. Not really, but maybe a blanket for me or a blanket for Henry. The best part about this is that people I work with helped teach me. I work with adults with disabilities and as adults not many people take the time to teach them new skills. Someone took the time and now there are a handful of my clients that are crocheting and knitting with a fury. As I was learning they were my biggest cheerleaders. Clapping and cheering and all when I got it right.


The leftover snow. Thursday was a sleepy day. Not many words are needed to describe those kinds of days.


Andrew and I spent Friday night with friends; Dave and Megan. We made some food and ate some coconut-almond ice cream (see mugs above). Normally the coconut alone would make me gag but it tasted amazing. So amazing, that the carton was empty by the end of the night. We followed the food and ice cream up with a game of Catchphrase and a lot of coffee.

Speaking of Andrew...t his is my Bear. I love this picture of him holding Henry (even though Henry looks like a scary little lion). I want to explain how great Andrew's hard to describe. I think I'll give it a try another time.


Something happened Saturday that hasn't in a really long time. I spent the day with 3 friends that I adore. We trekked around town and shopped a little. I found this tiny Ball jar for my craft table.

But the best part of this day was the talking and constant laughing. I miss living within feet of these friends.


  1. Thanks buddy!!! Also...we need to get together sometime very soon. Neighbor lady says so.