Chief of Peace

I'm sitting on my bed with Henry asleep in a ball by my feet. Bear has Aretha Franklin playing on the record player and I can hear him snapping and dancing in the kitchen while he is making me peppermint tea. Life is pretty good right now. With all that said, here is week 3.

Sunday was lazy. I went to Ft. Wayne by myself. Sometimes I love doing that and mostly just end up looking at things in antique stores or craft stores or something. But I ended up at the mall. Then bought pair #4 of moccasins (tall thunderbird boots!). There are only 3 in the picture below because I can't find my blue ones...they are likely in the trunk of my car, leftover from summer. It's too damn cold to go get them, so here are 3 of 4. Take it or leave it. I'll take them. I shamelessly love them all.

On the my way home the sun was setting and it was looking like this:

I swear Monday morning's sunrise was just act 2 of Sunday night's sunset.

I had the worst time focusing at work. So I came home for two hours and got a lot done. It may have been this carrot juice I made for lunch. The color of carrot juice is rad.

Tuesday night at the coffee shop. Bear and two brothers. This picture makes me smile.


My mom gave me this. I don't remember why but I knew I had to take it to work and show one of my clients. I thought it would make her laugh a lot. And it did. That means Wednesday was a good day.

Andrew plays soccer every week. I hadn't watched him play in a long time so it was nice to go this week. A friend of ours joined his league and the 45 minute drive to and from the match was nothing short of great.

This week has been way too cold. Like take your breath away and make your lungs hurt cold. So cold my windows in my apartment had a little frost on them. Cold but pretty.

This is my sparrow tattoo. I haven't even had a year but I feel like I was born with it. I have sort of forgotten I had it since I'm wearing long sleeves these days. But Friday, I remembered I had it and here she is:

That little tree in the field is one of my favorites. It is by itself and changes so perfectly with the seasons. It also lets me know I'm almost to my parent's house. The sight of that tree is so comforting.

My nephew Kilian turned 5 this week. He loves all things outdoors and wild. Here is his party:

This is Kilian. He insisted this was the face he was going to make for every picture I took. It fits him.

This is the rocket tent I got him (I loved tents when I was kid):

Kilian and one of my other nephews, Drew. There was only enough room for about 15 toys and them.

This boy has been saying "I want cake" since he could talk.

Decorations for the wild man:

My newphew Sam hugging his dad. He is so loving:)

My niece Kate. She is such a little pretty and I swear she beeps when she talks.

Kate and Drew

Kilian after the party was over. He had Andrew and I take all this stuff up to his room, including his tent. He then put everything he could around his neck and tried the beef jerky he got as part of a survival kit gift. He asked if it was cooked and when I said yes he wrapped it back up, shoved it in his new hiking pack and said "That's good. I'm saving that."

What a peaceful week.
"Can't help but smilin'"-D. Banhart

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